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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 24, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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problem with these two ladies offering you a cup of joe? some california residents do, and now the city may be taking their side. the debate is brewing, so to speak, at 8:00 p.m. on the fox business network and that would be tonight. 8:00 p.m. sharp. "the five" is next. >> hello, everyone, i'm greg gutfeld, with bob beckel, and kimberly guilfoyle. this is "the five." so a new film that will run in the national september 11 memorial is tipping off the advisers, uses the words islamic and jihad when referring to terrorists, and "unsophisticated
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visitors who do not understand the difference between al-qaeda and muslims may come up short." fbi stats show that anti-muslim bashing is rare, it is not like they smear the muslims, they were also victims as well as the rescuers. what would the imam prefer us to say? that 9/11 was caused by men unhappy with tall buildings or that terrorists were really muslims to smear islam? my guess is they want to clear islam. you have to say 9/11 was done by islamic radicals and they're still killing all over tell world. they are fiends and that is as much your problem as theirs. so other religions have done it, too, join the club, we wouldn't bite. anyway, that was your point,
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wasn't it? >> well, i did not see your monologue today. what did i write right here in my own handwriting? admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, so at least we're on the same page. >> i do think there are obviously moderate muslims out here who feel there is a problem. but they can't say it because they're scared, too, is that fair to say. >> i think the person that has been the best and most out spoken and the most hard-hitting is right here, not the guy i always agree with on issues. here is the reality, under sharia, women are treated horribly. and there is a reluctance by those who practice the muslim faith to speak out against those who are hijacking their religion. that, to me, is a big problem. >> i am very curious to see if
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this imam, who made all the complaints apologized or said somethi something, anything. and that is the thing that gets me, whether it was the coal, the first world trade center bombing, the second, the boston marathon. not one head of one muslim country ever said it was a bad thing. not one imam, not one cleric. they were dancing in the streets in egypt. look, i know there are moderate muslims out there, don't get me wrong and it is one of the great faiths of the world. but you are cowards when it comes to standing up to these punks. it is not us ruining your religion, it is these people, not us. >> kimberly, it was not just the imam, it was a council of different faiths. they were all uncomfortable with these terms. do they have a legitimate complaint or was it just another example of islamaphobia, or was it just that they're scared -- >> it is, they should better
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equip themselves with the facts and truth. the fact is, every one of the 9/11 hijackers declared this was an act of jihad. they were members of al-qaeda and made very specific notes about their beliefs and i guess to lend these acts of terror against the united states. so why is it now we're put in this position to apologize for terrorists that are murderers? they should not do it. >> i would like to see the script of this five minute or six-minute film they have got. but it is almost as if we're saying -- all radical islams, everybody in the muslim community is radical. i would bet you it doesn't say this. you're exactly right, these people were islamic radicals and they were muslims, right, how are you going to get around that? >> i don't often defend nbc news, but brian williams
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narrated this thing, and i don't think he is known as being over the top like greg gutfeld. >> but we don't know what is in there, we do know they were a bit objective to those specific terms. dana, what do you make of this? the president of the museum said we've gone out of our way to tell the truth, is that maybe the problem? >> it seems to me, the entire project, the memorial, they have bent over backwards, and it is time to get it open. if i have out of town guests that come almost number one on their list of things to go see is the world trade center site. i think everybody benefits from seeing, and learning more and being reminded of it. and speaking about the victims' families, what about their rights to be able to mourn and to be able to have the truth out there? more muslims are murdered by radical islam than christians. >> yeah. >> so it -- it is confusing. but on the question of where are
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most of the moderate muslims, truth is because many of them live in very poor countries they're just trying to put food on the table. and so they don't -- also they get ostracized and there are reprisals. when you're a conservative in hollywood you don't want to come out and say it because your career prospects might be harmed. that is true for moderate muslims. if you come out and say something it could hurt your prospects, your family, your ability to feed your children. >> why is it we get in insane reaction over a muslim cartoon, and script, you said it in your monologue. it was dead on, spot on, there are radical muslims, the report said they were at war with us, we were not at war with them. and if you speak out at all against the muslim, the fatwa
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has put out one on him -- >> i don't think people care, certainly the saudi government doesn't have to. my problem is really the saudi elites, the elected over owe the appointed. and the rest of them may be afraid. i can understand that. and these radicals say well if you get killed, you get 72 virgins. i have thought about converting if it is the case. >> those poor virgins. >> but i'm telling you, they allowed their religion to get hijacked. get it back. >> well, i think we all know the answer to that. the answer is education and leadership. and one of the best things that has happened for world relations is having people from the muslim world come and study in the united states. that became a problem with these terrorists, many of them were on student visas, murdered 3,000 of our people. >> can i make a political point? and i don't want to make this too political because bob is
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close enough to hit me. but where is the left in america? because the women in saudi arabia that can't drive, they have this morality police and can't be seen in public without somebody that they're not related to. what about in some of these countries, that in rape, women need three eyewitnesss to prove their case. where are the group that has compassion? >> because of the religious beliefs, they will play in islamic countries. >> you know who really lost an opportunity here is barack obama, a guy who is stigmatized as being too pro-muslim. they said it was a christian nation, you can't continue to kill christians in muslim countries. i would think that obama carrying the deathly silence out of this thing has me perplexed. i don't get
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>> there is certainly an opportunity to speak out against this and speak with convictions. i don't think we should be a country that is apologizing when we had americans viciously murdered by these terrorists. i don't think we should change the rhetoric, it is not in any way hyperbole, it is the truth. >> there is a way to avoid the controversy, one of the ways to do it is just to run the clips from that morning, from the news programs to say this is what happened and then people can make up of their own minds. >> that is the other thing, too, that is weird. i don't know, should there be a film at the museum that tracks al-qaeda's planning of the events? i believe that this video actually talks about what al-qaeda is and i guess that is important. but i don't care, you know -- i just -- >> why don't you care? >> because they're evil and i should know about that before i get there. >> what do they expect us to
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say? do they expect this film to say some bad people did this? you're right, we know who did it. they were islamic radicals. apparently you moderates can't control. but you think we're going to put on a film about what happened at the world trade center and not mention the fact it was islamic radicals? if you do, you're dumber than -- anyway. >> not to mention the hundreds of millions, billions, trillions that we're going to have to try to spend to protect ourselves against radical individuals that want to kill us. >> every religion has had crazy elements. we had the spanish inquisitions, but you get away from that. >> i'm a catholic, we paid taxpayer money for a crucifix, to work around the elephant dung on the virgin mary. i don't see catholics reacting
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the way they did to this book, salmon rushdie. >> and the sort of oblique reference made, the vatican ought to be up in arms against this. got to roll, next, fourth graders are caught dealing pot at a middle school. and chris christie slammed on the war against weed.
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well, colorado and washington legalized pot and will the rest of the nation follow as well? well, according to a recent survey, 35% of americans think that marijuana will be legalized nationwide. but new jersey governor chris christie says it will not ever happen in his state on his watch. >> i am not going to be the governor who is going to tell our children and our young adults that marijuana use is okay. because it is not. i don't care about the tax money that may come from it. and i don't care quite frankly that people think it is inevitable. it is not inevitable here, i'm
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not going to permit it. never, as long as i'm governor. you want to elect somebody who is willing to legalize marijuana and expose our children to the gateway drug and the effects that it has on their brain, you will have to live with yourself if you do that, but it is not going to be on this governor. >> well, it didn't take long for the governor's words to ring true as fourth graders in colorado were just caught dealing weed. what do you have to say to yourself? >> you know what is deadlier than pot, who kills 300,000 people every year? obesity. there are no recorded deaths by overdose of marijuana, you have to smoke like 20,000 joints, of course people get high and do stupid things, but more people die from the war on drugs than the drugs themselves. it is unreasonable to equate it with telling children it is okay to do drugs. that is not the point. if you're pro-gun, does that
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mean you are advocating children shooting themselves. drugs do not cough into people's mouths. this is an inert subject and should be treated like that. we should respect people who want it legalized. i return to the thing. you should then ban twinkies and steaks and cool whip and all the stuff that makes you fat. >> there is -- >> not twinkies, please, not twinkies. >> without getting into the issue, we'll touch on that, there is going to be a lot more states doing it because the tax revenue is so high. they raised $200 million in colorado. now, granted it is the beginning of the program. but the fourth graders are selling this stuff. it doesn't surprise me. when i was in high school, people in elementary school were selling beer. it was inevitable it was going to happen. and here is where i disagree
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with greg on this. it used to be you could smoke all the dope and it was not a gateway drug. it is so much more powerful. >> it is so much more powerful, you can't make a blanket assumption and tell well, we're not telling people to go out and shoot guns, but what about accessab accessability. >> the dealer will come to your school, you have to go buy your cigarettes. >> fourth grade, that happened when i was in grade school when it was illegal. this is nothing new, nothing new. >> what kind of schools did you people go to? >> when something is banned, people will meet that demand in other ways. they become entrepreneurs and they sell. and i know the horror of it being fourth grade is horrible but it has been happening for decades. >> they tried to ban play boy,
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we all bought it, or stole it. >> all right, bob, this is not an episode of true confessions. >> i actually think that greg's side of the argument is winning. and i think you're right because of the tax revenue i think this is going to go state to state to state, obviously not new jersey. but i think it will get bigger. i think the money is just too much. i don't think government is going to be able to resist it. here is my problem with it. i think all the issues about it being a gateway drug, the motivation, the people i see smoking pot on a regular basis, they lack ambition and motivation. they seem sluggish, i do believe they tend to move on to other things. when i saw the pictures from 420, i thought i don't want my kids there. >> it can't happen just because you don't like it. there are a lot of people who drink that are just violent jerks. you go to a bar and get in a fight with somebody, but that is legal. >> that is the red eye crew new
2:20 pm
here is the disstintion. it doesn't mitigate the fact that they're refining it and making it better and better. and when you can do it legally, you can do all kinds of things. the stuff they're doing in colorado, people say it is wacko, acid takes you away -- >> is there any drug you didn't do? >> not many. >> by the way -- no, i think it is great because you even spent all last night and drove six hours to get to the program today because you help people in your spare time overcome addiction. i think he is seeing the other side of it. >> but a lot of people end up there, but that is not a statistic. there is a lot of people who
2:21 pm
don't end up there. >> dana -- >> i'm like a potted marijuana plant, very interesting -- can i say something about the governor? i think it is a very rigid stand. however, i like a politician that takes a stand on his principles. the other thing is, he says he will not legalize it in his state. he doesn't care what other states are going to do. but -- and isn't that what people want? more state control? so if new jersey makes a decision in the future i think that he could have been a little bit more nuanced -- >> look, deep down i would like to be a libertarian, but i can't, because it is so harmful. >> if you're for the second amendment -- they're both inert substances that can't be harmful. just to use a little bit of science with some weird words. your brain makes these elements
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that are involved in marijuana, my brain function, pain, your memory. there is so much potential for these new therapies that could real, really help people. and we're talking about these powerful, powerful drugs. but we can't use these substances because we treat them with living entities that they have their own independent power. when in fact they don't, they're inert substances and you could use them like guns, we don't even know why we banned it. if you asked people why we started to ban marijuana, most people don't even know why. >> the biggest problem in this country is the pharmaceuticals, people, some are going to abuse the drugs, some are not. it literally took the lives of a lot of people. >> you have to go through hoops. >> that is my fault. >> but nevertheless. >> greg hoarded it all in his basement. >> nevertheless, you can't deny
2:23 pm
it leads to psychological problems, memory loss, depression. my concern -- >> so does snowboarding. >> my problem is having it so accessible to children whose bodies can't even target it -- >> by the way, camilla parker bowles' brother died, and hit his head on cement after a little bit of drinking. should we ban snowboarding because of injuries? >> can we ban snow? >> yes. >> the canadian rapper? >> can we ban band weather immediately? next, president obama, yes, we're coming for you. so why did the white house invite the children of multi-billionaires, bob, to attend a private summit? well, you have to hear this one, and sean hannity has the details coming up. all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping, and unusual dreams. my quit date was my son's birthday, and that was my gift for him and me. [ male announcer ] ask your door if chantix is right for you. . well, back to "the five," it is one of our president's favorite past times, taking swipes at the rich. >> the donors we get money from are ordinary americans, not fat cats. i did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of you know, fat cat bankers on wall street. >> our problems always occur when nobody is pay attention. and the fat cats and the lobbyists and upsetting the agenda in washington. now, the reality is that president obama has used the
2:29 pm
so-called fat cats to bankroll his campaign in 2008 and 2012. and if that is not enough, he is cozying up to their kids, he used the project not for inner city kids, but to billionaires, for their fortunes. let's see, names like rockefellers, the purpose of this is pushing forward philanthropists. >> you're a professional, hannity. >> my job is not to screw this show up. you guys are a hit. >> so here is the deal, somebody set the siren off and called the hypocrisy police. i'm fine with your my buddy, you want to give a lot of cash. just be honest about it. looking at the double standard so quick to criticize the right. this is so overt in your face. >> these are mostly kids, young
2:30 pm
people, who are probably liberals. i don't understand what the deal is, if you got a bunch of kids, they're liberals, go after the money. >> do you know how hard it is to be a child of immense wealth? the landscape is hit with people drowning. and he is just trying to help them through. >> you're trying to relate to that. why does it have to be fat cats? why are we going after the cats? there are fat dogs. >> i am so tired of this -- it is endless, as if these are ill-gotten gains. i thought in america we praised people that became successful and wealthy and our desire was to get the big house, nice car, in a nice neighborhood for our kids. >> basically what he has done is say our billionaires are better than your billionaires. everybody is going after the billionaire money, and none of us can deny that. in politics you have to dance with the one that bought you.
2:31 pm
in this case he brought all of these people to the white house. look at what they're talking about. fiphilanthropist philanthropists. bill gates and his wife has given for education, that is not necessarily a left/right issue, and polio vaccines all around the world. i don't have a problem with that, i do think the event was hypocritical. >> did you see the koch brothers, they bought a cancer ward to help hundreds. >> i think that is wonderful. >> and there were people out there protesting the hospital. >> but they actually underwrite every right wing group in america. there would be too many hannitys around. >> the lesson is that rich people are evil unless they are
2:32 pm
a liberal. because that exonerates you from being wealthy. it is get out of jail free card for being rich, if you're a liberal. >> and then work against everything that your grandfathers founded. >> and being rich exempts you from the very policies that you enact on others who are not as rich as you are. so the people who are considered rich by most of america are paying more taxes. but when you make $100 million, you give $50 million away, it doesn't hurt as much. >> the best thing the kids that have the money will start businesses and fund businesses and really spur economic growth. that would also be a really worthwhile summit to have. >> my guess is these are trust fund babies. and you made a good point, a lot of this discussion had nothing to do with politics and lots of different kind of policy issues. >> how about some inner city kids? >> i would love to see some kids from every city, every small town get their day in the white
2:33 pm
house, so they can see what they may be able to aspire to. i toured the white house with a wonderful person, she was amazing. her name was dana perino. i'll never forget the first time i was in the oval office. >> but they did neat things, remember when they had -- the obamas, it was a great idea. they brought all sorts of kids to the simulated steak dinner. and the president and first lady came it i think they have done some things -- >> i have often done -- i do a tour for teens at fox news, i just show them around the area. >> i bet you do. one thing to say about that, parents are still waiting for the republican party to start going into the black inner city neighborhoods. >> rand paul. >> i have given him credit on this show. >> he is not the only one. >> well, jack kemp was big on it. >> ronald reagan did it. >> who follows in the steps of jack kemp.
2:34 pm
paul ryan. what is he called when he talks about doing important things for the community? he is called a racist. no wonder people who are gun shy. >> who called him a racist? >> everyone on the left. the whole left. >> i didn't. >> he just called him other things. you have to take us out of here. >> we have to take a break? coming up next, all right, these guys, apparently there is a five hazing ritual that i need to go through. when we come back, they have questions for me, i have no idea what it is. it is the five hazing, stick around. >> it is the hannity haze.
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all right, if you watch hannity at 10 p.m. eastern, you know there is a segment called "ask sean" where viewers get to ask him anything they like. we're going to do our own version of it, where we call it hazing. and how unlikely is it that you are sitting in this chair today? >> it is ridiculously unlikely. look, i was 12 years old washing dishes, a cook at 13, bus boy at 15, a waiter and bartender. and going through school, paying my own way, i ran out of money, i paymeinted house, fell off a f two and a half stories. >> and then you got a hit tv show? >> no, i was on ladders listening to talk radio and i was in love with it since i was a teenager. my parents were not saying hey, turn off the tv, they were saying shut the radio off.
2:40 pm
>> tell us the story how you went to santa barbara, how did that happen? >> i was a free spirit, i decided to drive across country -- >> there was an ad -- flowers in your hair? >> well, i started at a college station out there. i was horrible. but everybody at the college station was horrible. it was like my first time here at fox, it is so embarrassing, i got on the air -- i got fired because of a political disagreement, controversial comments a guest made and i made. and once they took the mike away i wanted to do this, i really liked it. the light went on -- >> how did you get fired within 40 hours? because i have been fired three times. >> this is the university of santa barbara, california. >> i bet the aclu defended you. >> they did up to a point, but because the issue involved gay rights they were torn and kind of abandoned me at the end. >> and then you went to alabama at some right wing station and
2:41 pm
then the ku klux klan got mad at you, right? >> this is the most bizarre story, it was a friend of my wife's. she and i were the only two people covering, it was a crazy klan rally, we were like the only two opposing them. we were like from new york, i never saw anything like this before. these people were bizarre. archite yeah, i took on the grand poobah -- >> that is very narrow minded. >> i have a tape somewhere. >> what i would like to hear are the tapes with you and josia williams, when he was in atlanta he used to have a relationship with the civil rights crowd. and would go help them buy turkeys for thanksgiving. and jose is still a good buddy of yours. >> well, he passed away. guys like joseph lowery, andy
2:42 pm
young, and jose williams, i really got to understand the civil rights movement. we always disagreed. they showed amazing courage, as i got to know you, you and your dad were involved in that. john lewis, he had a brick thrown at his head, horrible racism. they did it with non-violence. we would battle and fight over issues but we still got along. >> did you start as a right winger? is that when you were dropped on your head? >> i've been a conservative all of my years in media. it is not going to change. look at the governors like scott walker and bobby jindal and rick perry, and john kasich. all of those states are working. deficits becoming surpluses, jobs are going up. the republicans i'm mad at now are the republicans in washington. >> what did you think of jindal's response to the state
2:43 pm
of the union? >> i am like jumping in the background -- did you know what he did in your guest house next door -- i have a story if you would like me to tell it. no, i can't tell that story, actually. about bob. so your radio show actually began the day before 9/11, right? >> the syndicated show. and your show was number two, right? talk radio. why aren't you beating rush? i don't understand it? >> because he is babe ruth of talk radio. you know why? because he opened the door for a lot of us. >> you filled in for him, in fact. >> and the first day i filled in, five minutes into my opening monologue. he has a real golden microphone. and it fell, and i went like that -- i never spoke to an audience that large. >> what is your opinion on michael savage --
2:44 pm
>> i don't even know him, i actually -- >> he is crazier than a fruit cake. >> crazier than a fruit cake. >> god, go ahead. >> you and your wife, i think it is a very inspiring story. you actually -- when my sister and her boyfriend came on that same night when you got a tour of the white house, you asked why aren't you married? and they had no intention of getting married. they are married now. and if you had to tell the audience your secrets to a great long-lasting marriage, what are they? >> forgiveness -- >> she has to forgive you a lot? >> thanks a lot, dana. well, i mean both sides. you have to grow together. as we -- we fought -- >> you didn't even date very month. >> we were engaged in three months, married in six. the first couple of months it was awful. we were killing each other. screaming and fighting. we fought the day before our marriage and the day after our marriage. and every year it got better and better. we both went to our neutral
2:45 pm
corners. you find common ground. >> a beautiful relationship, started out awful. and then it got less awful. and now we don't talk. >> right, and i think you kind of get the idea, happy wife, happy life. come with nice presents. >> yes, dear, will go a long way. >> i'm not sure, i hear that. she usually wins. >> well, that is the secret to a good marriage. >> i should be your success, then, on television and radio -- >> let me tell you ->> she is o sweetest people. and she is smart, very smart. and she is raising her kids right. she is a great woman. and she could have done a lot better. >> oh, my gosh. >> all right, the hazing ends here. coming up a suspect who is about to go on trial for murder has a little problem, there is a gigantic tattoo on his neck that says "murder." >> oh, my gosh. are you guys kidding me? now that i rolled this thing, that was a teleprompter problem,
2:46 pm
we'll come back and debate it next. >> are we still on the air? >> yes. >>
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i've got about as much an idea who wrote that song and sings it as -- i mean, it's unbelievable. >> 31-year-old jeffrey wade chapman is about to go on trial for murder in kansas, and a tate word "murder" spelled backwards. he and his defense team are worried it might prejudice the jurors. and they're trying to have it removed. but they reportedly reached a deal, prosecutors to have him cover it up with a turtle neck. is this something the jury should know about? should they know that? >> and i'd get it in. >> i bet you would. >> this is what frustrates me. we're going to perpetuate a fraud on the jury and cover up who he is. he also has a tear drop, which means he's done hard time. they going to cover that up, too? probably, let's act like he's a boy scout. here's how you get it in with the judge. if it is part of the identification. i had a guy who was robbed at gunpoint and he said the guy that robbed me had a tattoo on
2:51 pm
the arm, et cetera. i said to the judge, here we go, identification. let's see if we have the right guy. are we interested in justice? take off this shirt in front of the jury. bye-bye, state prison. >> there you go. >> greg -- >> justice! >> look, i think you got it all wrong, kimberly. >> of course. i'm undefeated, just so you know. >> the teardrop shows the jury how much he hates the word "murder." that's why it's there. and "murder" is spelled backwards. you could say he's a fan of the voodoo spiced alcohol red rum. and clearly he's innocent because no murderer would actually tattoo "murder" on their neck. let's be serious. >> a turtle neck to get it covered up? >> i think that's wrong. i was thinking that if there's a lineup, i've only seen this on tv. there's a lineup of people that have to come up and the person says i think it was that guy. if you have an identifying tattoo, i would assume you're not allowed to cover that up.
2:52 pm
>> well, i can tell you -- >> you weren't in a lineup. >> twice. >> well, for various things. >> what happened to a tattoo of a butterfly or something? >> what do you think? this guy should be allowed to cover it up, or not? >> i'm with kimberly. why are we going to artificially allow him to manipulate the jury. let them see him how he is. and let the facts in the case speak for themselves. but the -- >> clean him up, put him in a suit, cut the hair, whatever. if you're like, okay, i was robbed at nighttime and you remember seeing part of the guy's neck. he's got a turtle neck on and scrubbed up like a guy in a french beret. >> one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] help brazil reduce its overall reliance on foreign imports
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it's time now for one more thing. let's turn it over. >> hear about the dinner? >> yeah. >> between steve wynn and george clooney? >> yeah. >> clooney gets drunk on tequila shots. he says that george clooney drops the "f" bomb, storms off. i said the president was a long time friend and he says your friend is an a-hole. got mad, angry. kudos to steve wynn today. >> i think clooney's standing up
2:57 pm
for his friend. >> you call me that every day. >> who's next? >> kimberly. >> okay. i would like to take some time to say that george clooney is an easy going, likable guy. >> you got a crush on. >> i don't have a crush. he's a nice guy. >> of course. we get it. he likes you. >> no, it's not that. you know what, stick up for your friends. i'd be mad if somebody said that about you. anyway. let's look at some happiness, shall we? i'm in. okay. chris, hits a big one for his mama. >> chris comes to the plate, and it's sylvana's birthday. let's hope chris gives her a nice present this at bat. hope so. >> going back is jennings and it is gone! happy birthday, mom! >> isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen? oh, i want a little home run for me. >> that was totally -- it'll
2:58 pm
happen. they put the parents in after this. this is so fake. >> oh, my gosh. it is not. conspiracy. do you ever ask yourself why -- >> i don't ask myself anything. >> do you ask why america's trust in government is decreasing? do you ever ask yourself that? here's an example. tomorrow, the senate committee is going to release a report that was reported in the new york -- sorry the "washington post" today about the inspector general at the department of homeland security who was apparently very cozy with officials having drinks with them, actually altered three reports when janet napolitano was homeland security secretary. and this has daniel epstein, the executive director wondering if the attorney general will do anything about it. listen to him. >> we have a very clear example of a federal taxpayer funded employee who is engaged in inappropriate activities and clearly violated the law the justice department does nothing. and i think that's a clear
2:59 pm
signal that essentially if you work for this administration, you're above the law. >> it is unusual to have inspectors general in this position. but we'll find out more tomorrow. >> what the hell was that about? >> that was electrifying. >> no one's paying attention to anything i say tonight anyways. >> that's not true. >> that is true. >> on this day in history. on this day in history. >> we're talking about pinada. >> president john adams began the library of congress. it was actually the legislation written by thomas jefferson. the library of congress, if you haven't been there, is a phenomenal place. it's got some of the great archives in the united states there. and this is the day that was born some 200-some odd years ago. >> did you cover that? >> i did. >> ronald mcdonald got the makeover. got rid of the baggy stuff and gave him cargo pants. this is horrible. the last thing you need is a cool clown. clowns are supposed to be
3:00 pm
creepy, scare you. remember the old clown, willard scott. he's rolling in his sofa because he's still alive. >> thought they were supposed to be funny. >> no. they're supposed to creep the heck out of you. >> what about the rest? this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. peace talks are dead. at least for now. that announcement today from israel. joining us now israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to tell us why he believes the situation is so perilous for his people. mr. prime minister, thanks for joining us. >> it's my pleasure. >> were you surprised by this -- >> a bad day, i have to say. yes, i was, this pact with hamas, a terrorist organization committed to our destruction that condemned the united states for killing bin laden, that's who hamas is. that's the organization that the palestinian president abbas


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